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Our goal at Fortrus is to improve the pastures across the entire property, paddock by paddock, season by season. We do this by completely spraying out the existing pasture and working the ground with a Yeomen’s plow and then power harrowing the soil to leave a well prepared seed bed.

In some cases we crop the paddock first to help prevent weeds and unfavourable grasses from taking hold and then send in the direct drill to seed our custom mix of grasses and legumes which consists of Rhodes, Setaria, Mekong Brizantha, siratro, stylo and vetch. We vary the mixes according to the soil type.

After establishing the pasture we use a rotational grazing system to enhance the quality of the pasture and to stop the cattle from overgrazing. Our long term goal is to have quality productive pastures that are sustainable and keep our stud breeders in good body condition so that they can be as fertile and productive as their genetics will allow them to be.